29 jul

Group Accounting Manager – Antwerpen


The growth of this company has increased enormous over the past 5 years thanks to mergers and acquisitions. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of growth potential for further expansion, both in Belgium and internationally. The company is an established player in the specialized healthcare sector. It provides specialized medical practices with a full administrative and support workload in its service center located at its headquarters in Antwerp. Next to Belgium, steps were already taken in the Netherlands, Germany and France.In order to further support this growth, a new position is created: Group Accounting Manager.

17 jun

Hoofdboekhouder/controller – Hasselt


Als financieel kompas van de organisatie, draag je bij aan de groei van het bedrijf dat vandaag al in de top 3 staat van mobiliteitsoplossingen aan nationale en internationale klanten. De gepassioneerde familie die sinds het begin aan het roer van deze organisatie staat, blijft even ambitieus en zoekt naar talent zoals jij!