16 nov

Freelance Sales Lead – Brussels


The Brussels Lead is the sales owner of the Brussels Plan. He/she steers the sales strategy in Brussels, contributes to the marketing plan and guards the overall experience of the Brussels B2B community .

The Brussels Lead uses his/her knowledge of the Brussels market and all kinds of research to revise the sales plan for Brussels when needed. He closely follows up on the implementation of the plan tunes it based on the new insights and the experience that he/she has accumulated over the past period.
The Brussels Lead reviews this plan with the relevant internal stakeholders and presents the plan to the management for validation. When approved, he/she is responsible to put the plan into practice.
The Brussels Lead maintains a strong relationship with key stakeholders in the business environment of Brussels. He/she uses this personal network to:
liaise with influencers within industry organizations
acquire relevant market insights that enable him/her to steer the sales activities
Brief marketing and sales on business opportunities in Brussels
Give advice on how to leverage business opportunities
Guide sales into key B2B circles
strengthen the positioning of the customer in the Brussels B2B market
Represent The Business at key events of B2B communities in Brussels
Open doors for marketing to set up new formal partnerships with key B2B stakeholders
The Brussels Lead conducts regular in-depth analyses of the sales results in Brussels. Based on the results and on various other observations, he/she consults with marketing and with the different channel managers about the necessary improvements.
While the channel managers are responsible for the implementation of the improvements, the Brussels Lead monitors their quality and impact on the sales results.
The Brussels Lead ensures that all stakeholders of the Brussels Plan remain continuously informed about the latest status of the Brussels Plan. He regularly aligns with Corporate Affairs, Public Affairs and with the involved Business management to create a Brussels Team spirit.
He/she maps any problems onto the responsible department and makes sure the necessary improvements are taken care of.
Furthermore, the Brussels Lead monitors the quality of the sales & marketing deliverables. He/she can do that through a website visit, a check of marketing material, mystery shopping in a retail point or at Internal Sales, etc.

The candidate has a strong personal network in the business life of Brussels, including the local political life.
The candidate has the skills that are required for business development, these are:
excellent communication skills
the ability to get on with people at all levels and influence them
strong problem-solving and creative skills
an ability to stay calm under pressure and keep to deadlines
strong sales and negotiation techniques
teamwork and leadership skills
attention to detail
Finally, the candidate should some typical competences of a lobbyist
analytical capabilities
knowledge of socio-political mechanisms
tactician and spokesperson

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