Digital Marketeer Challenges, Confidential – Belgium -all Flemish Provincies-

Digital Marketeer Challenges, Confidential – Belgium -all Flemish Provincies-


Several of our customers have very career promising opportunities in the broad field of Digital Marketing.


We will inform you on these opportunities and coach you towards that next career step that will bring you on your next level.


Digital Marketeer, Digital Performance, growth hacking, all state of the art terms, having the same common focus: digital marketing is strategic for each growing company.
We, clearXperts, have several challenging and career promising opportunities for you…. our customer are top performers in that field.
We have spotted your profile and professional evolution and we presume you have that kind of experience and ambition.

We are very interested to have a chat with you on your future marketing skills and career path.


  • Bachelor or Master
  • Experience in Digital Marketing
  • High potential


We are convinced that we can support you in your ambition to become an intellectual challenger in the promising field of digital marketing.
Just a click away from a chat on this subject: are you that marketing challenger?


Rachid Sarhdi +32 (0)489 83 70 05 and Elisabeth Muylaert +32 (0)471 88 46 02


Rachid Sarhdi

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