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We enjoy a strong on-going partnership with clearXperts that has resulted in us seeing their recruitment experts as embedded in our organisation. They are a considerable added value when it comes to attracting candidates are compatible with our unique Samsung DNA. We are a fast moving organisation that values innovation and performance, and clearXperts offers important extra support to our succession pipeline, supplying us with the top players Samsung needs every day.

Samsung - Dries Vertommen - Sr. HR & GA Manager Belux

We have been calling upon clearXperts for a long time and we enjoy working with them”, says Anne Goovaerts. “The communication between them and our Human Capital is exceptional. They keep their promises and always find the best match between what the candidate is looking for and what we as employer need. Just as important: clearXperts understands the complex structure and functioning of a sector federation very well. I deeply appreciate the fact they give feedback to all the candidates they meet, and that they keep supporting the candidates after they have been hired.

Agoria - Anne Goovaerts - Human Capital Director

We have recently started working with clearXperts. I know one of their Business Managers from a very pleasant cooperation in a former professional life. When we needed support for our central Talent Acquisition Team, clearXperts led the search and soon came up with a suitable profile. I appreciate their no-nonsense approach, their direct communication and their drive to deliver. During that first collaboration, they understood our culture and expectations exactly.

Coca-Cola European Partners - Jo Geirnaert - HR Lead Belux

We had a difficult request for our bookkeeping department”, says André Ghysens. “The account profile we were looking for, had to have an IAB accreditation. We couldn’t find the right person and decided to appeal to clearXperts. They found this rare candidate for us; twice even. Later, we were looking for a hard to find candidate for our payroll department. Once again, we found him via clearXperts. These days, the right method of selection and recruitment is very important.

SABCA - André Ghysens - HR-directeur

I knew clearXperts from Sanoma. During a recruitment task it struck me that they were very good at listening and really understood us. At a certain moment, we needed someone in accounting at VF Europe who could be a link between inventory and accounting. There was nobody in the company who could work fulltime on connecting the different flows. It was not a real accounting task, nor a supply chain or logistics job. I found it difficult to determine where exactly that person should be placed. I decided to work with clearXperts again because they ask the right questions and then start looking. Once again, they delivered exactly what was needed.

VF Europe - Kristine Van Aelst - Accounting Director International

We have had a relationship with clearXperts for a long time”, says Robert Decant. “We know each other from the business network. At the moment, we employ five people whom we have been able to find through their expertise. We have our own recruitment department, but we are not specialised in screening financial profiles. Our expertise lies in attracting technical profiles, which is different. You save time and money by entrusting this kind of hiring to professionals.

[email protected] - Robert Decant - CEO

At Securitas, you are given responsibility from day one”, says Rudi Van Boven. “Of course you are not left to your own devices and we believe in on-the-job training, but we do expect you to have the potential to muck in straight away. That is why we like working with clearXperts. They know our corporate culture and they know which candidate we should hire. The fact that they can react quickly is a big plus. We can’t be waiting for weeks to find an employee.

Securitas - Rudi Van Boven - CFO

It is wrong to think that you know everything as an organisation or an executive, and it is also important to give our own people some breathing space, especially after the changes we have been through. That is why it is preferable to engage external experts, ad hoc or for a longer period. We have had a good relationship with clearXperts for eight years now. Like us, they are focused on detecting and satisfying all the clients’ needs. They do it extremely well, working in different fields, with employees whom they equip with the same values as ours: expertise, passion and service experience.

ISS Facility Services België-Luxemburg - Frank Geelen - CFO

Belgoprocess works with clearXperts on important temporary projects. Philippe Lannoy: “I wanted to free up our own people to work on the implementation of ERP software. Such an implementation involves considerable changes. clearXperts has made sure that we now have external employees who can take over the jobs of our own people during this implementation. During my time at Ecover I have also worked with clearXperts. At the time, I needed someone for financial reporting, also during an ERP implementation, and the candidate they supplied was just right.

Belgoprocess - Philippe Lannoy - CFO

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