The fun factor

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Having fun together…

We work hard, and we’re happy to do so. But we’re just as happy to have fun, preferably together. After more than 10 years, clearXperts has become a tightly knit group, almost a family. And like every family, we like to celebrate every now and then. We meet every three months anyway, to look back on the past months, but especially to look towards the future together and discuss our plans. We also do that at the beginning of the year, and go away for a weekend together every year. To celebrate our tenth birthday in 2018, we did it in style and all went to Hvar in Croatia.

… but also sharing what we have.

When you’re doing well, you need to share your success. That’s what we all do, with our employees and our clients. We chose to support the fight against cancer. Almost all of us will be confronted with this terrible disease at some point in our lives, even in our own environment. We have got so used to it that it sometimes disappears into the background. Which is a pity, because a lot of research and prevention is still needed if we ever want to conquer this dreadful illness. In 2018, we invited everybody to take part in the Warmathon. Serge Roothooft (managing partner) and Michael Free (HR manager) ran at all the events and each time they dragged a number of employees and clients along. For each round someone finished, clearXperts donated extra money to Kom Op Tegen Kanker. In the future we plan to take further initiatives to support the fight against cancer.

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