Want to learn about finance or marketing?

We invest heavily in the growth and development of our consultants.

We regularly organise training courses and inspirational sessions and every employee is given a personal development plan. We have built up extensive experience and know-how in training and courses, and we are happy to share that knowledge with our clients.

Training – finance for non-financials

This is the ideal training for those who regularly work together with the financial department, or who carry financial responsibility themselves. It is a voyage of discovery to the basic principles of finance, such as balance sheets, profit and loss account and cash flow. However, we take it further to more advanced concepts such as ratios, KPIs, budgeting, forecasting, CAPEX, OPEX… always translated into everyday practice. This training programme gives you a better insight into the how and why of numbers. We organise regular one-day open sessions that can be attended by everyone. However, we can also organise made-to-measure sessions for your company, with a minimum of 10 participants. In that case, we hold three half-day sessions, adapted to the financial story of your company.

The digital academy

It is not easy to keep up with all the new trends and techniques in communication and marketing. In six compact afternoon sessions, we bring you up to date again. You discover the new trends in digital marketing, but also learn how to use them in conjunction with a well-thought out plan. We share all the finer points of social media marketing, but also explain how to create the right content for those social media. We also discuss email marketing and automation. By the end of the sessions you know exactly how to measure and analyse the results. We select the absolute top people in digital marketing to lead these sessions.

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