Young Graduates Program

Graduating soon?
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Young Graduates Program

We are well aware that young talent will determine the future of clearXperts. That is why we invest so much in them. We look for people with great potential and give them the chance to grow.

What is it?

Every year, we select a few participants in Finance, HR and Marketing. We prepare them for their first steps in the real business world. During the program we get to know you better and we assess your potential. Of course, you are offered a large variety of training courses. And the cherry on top: you gain work experience during a four week internship at one of our clients.

Why clearXperts?

A job is so much more than a title and a salary. It is important to choose an interesting job in which you can develop yourself and enjoy the benefits of new opportunities. At clearXperts we help actively in building the careers of our consultants. You receive a personal development plan and are closely supervised by our HR business partner and your mentor.

How to apply?

Send your CV to [email protected]. After a first screening, we will contact you for a telephone interview. If that goes well, we invite you for a face-to-face meeting. We will take a few personality tests too.

Who gets selected?

During the talks and tests we will discover your potential. It is not only about what you know or your technical capabilities, your ‘soft skills’ are equally important. If we find a match with clearXperts, we will offer you a contract to start as a Young Graduate immediately after your graduation.

What happens afterwards?

As a Young Graduate, you start as a consultant, the ideal springboard for a career in Finance, HR or Marketing. As you will work on various projects, you will gain a broad experience in different industries. In that way you learn the tricks of the trade very quickly, with the security of a permanent contract.

Are you completing your last months of education or have you just graduated? Are you keen to start working as a consultant in Finance, HR or Marketing?

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