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How we can help you

For over 10 years, we have been bringing people and companies together. The right person in the right place, that’s what it’s all about. Whether it is for temporary reinforcement, for regular employment or for specific skills, we find the right people you need to realise growth. We have experience in the most diverse sectors and in different corporate cultures. We co-operate on projects at all levels in various organisations.

clearXperts has its own team of consultants in Finance, HR, Sales & Marketing and Legal with extensive experience in various sectors and different corporate cultures. Moreover, clearXperts gives you access to a wide network of freelance experts. We find the most suitable candidate for you, and the most efficient way to work together with them.


Sometimes work just piles up and you need an extra pair of hands. We can provide these, and make sure they have the right expertise. Just for the time they are needed. It’s as simple as that. Our experts deliberately choose to work on a project basis. They like variety and enjoy the constantly changing jobs. With their experience and flexibility they settle in in no time to support you and your team for the time they are needed. We keep supervising and developing them, using the ACES quality survey.

Create space for growth

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We have the professional to help you.

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