We find professionals in Finance, HR, Marketing & Sales and Legal for ambitious companies that want to grow.

Helping people to grow

We at clearXperts are convinced that people really do make all the difference. Businesses can only grow if people grow. Therefore, we invest in our consultants, both in professionals with several years of experience, and in recently graduated promising starters. We have been doing this for more than 10 years, and we have a team of more than 100 consultants by now. We assess their talents and skills, but most of all we look at their ambitions and build on those. We are happy to share all that talent and energy with our clients. We make sure they can employ the right people to realise their growth, in Finance, HR, Sales & Marketing, as well as in Legal.

You will work on temporary projects, gaining a wide experience in the most diverse sectors and corporate cultures. In other words: plenty of variety. You also continue to learn and develop, because we invest extensively in your personal supervision and training. You have all the security of regular employment with all its advantages. You work within a close-knit team, where you can consult your personal mentor. Ready for the next step?

Start your new career!

For more than 10 years, our consultants have been working in the most diverse sectors and in various corporate cultures. We have co-operated in projects on all sorts of levels. This makes clearXperts a unique contact point for companies that want to grow and that realise, as we do, that this can only be achieved with the right people. Whether it is for a temporary project or for permanent reinforcement, we will find the people you need.

Create space for growth.

Every year, we select a few promising candidates in Finance, HR and Marketing for our Young Graduates Program. We get them up to speed for their first steps in corporate life. They are given a large variety of training programmes and do work experience with one of our clients. Are you completing your last months of education or have you just graduated? Are you keen to start working as a consultant in Finance, HR or Marketing? Then convince us of your potential.

Get off to a flying start!

Over more than 10 years, we have built up close relationships with our clients. We have contacts within the companies on all levels and in the most varied of sectors. Therefore, they contact us when they are looking for specific reinforcement for temporary projects. On those occasions, we like to work with our network of freelance people. We keep in touch with them and closely follow their career. We know them so well that we know exactly what jobs suit them.

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